A Douglas Motorcycle

LMG15-618 George Tucker’s Real Estate Agency, corner of Bridge Street and Penshurst Street circa 1925

George Tucker and Sons, estate agents, had premises at ‘Tucker’s Corner’, Penshurst, opposite the Penshurst railway station.  The premises were built in 1925, which is when the firm started to use the expression ‘Tucker’s Corner’ in their advertising, and the photo dates from around that time. Presumably the gent in the doorway is Mr Tucker, the founder of the business. Just visible in the passenger seat of the automobile may be camera-shy Mrs Tucker.

A detail of interest is the motorcycle, which we’ll assume is Mr Tucker’s, or his office-boy’s. It appears to be an early Douglas model. Bought new it might cost sixty quid, but second-hand models could be had in the 1920s for half that. Can anyone supply more details as to age, horse-power etc? The unmade roads of Penshurst would give it a challenge. What would it fetch fully restored, I wonder?


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