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Education in St George: Insights into Homeschooling

Joanne started homeschooling her youngest daughter Lucy two years ago, in 2015, after Lucy had experienced difficulties at school in year 4. In this interview, Joanne gives an insight into her daily homeschooling routine and shares some of her experiences.

Memories from Hurstville Public School and Kogarah Boys High School in the 1950s

In his interview, Kevin reminisces about his early primary school years and being a student at Kogarah Boys High School. He talks about the curriculum, school structure, school-life in general including school initiation, playing tricks, receiving punishments and after-school activities.

Memories from Sydney Technical High School in the 1960s

In his interview, Stephen reminisces about his early primary school years and being a student at Sydney Technical High School. In the interview he talks about the school building, curriculum, teachers, school life, after-school activities, and school reunion as well as the differences between students and teachers in a 1960s school environment. At the end of the interview, Stephen sings the Sydney Technical High School song.

Memories from Danebank Anglican School for Girls

In her interview, Alison reminisces about enjoying art, playing various musical instruments and participating in sports such as hockey and tennis throughout her school life. She also discusses what life was like at Danebank, and the various types of school rules such as no hair out and skirts or dresses on the knee or below. Alison also talks about changes in school subjects, the development of the classroom and the progression of technologies such as mobile phones, iPads, smartboards and computers.

Memories from Danebank Anglican School for Girls in the late 1980s

In her interview, Petty reminisces about her early primary school years and being a student at Danebank. Petty talks about the differences in teaching, facilities and school equipment from her school days compared to today. She also passionately describes the values of Danebank and explains what’s behind the Danebank Old Girls Association.

Education in St. George: School Memories

Pamela Samuels and her seven years older sister Patricia Black are long term residents in the St George area. They both went to Arncliffe Domestic Science School in the 1940s. Pamela continued from there to Sydney Technical College to do a Secretarial Diploma, while Patricia went to a hairdressing college. The interview captures aspects of their school life, but also includes memories about their work-life after school and general recollections of shared life experiences.

Villa Fatima, Italian migrant hostel, Hurstville, 1952-57

Interview with Mrs. Eia Stanich Lynam, daughter of Mrs. Amelia Stanich, who was the manager at Villa Fatima between 1952 and 1957, regarding the history of Villa Fatima, its establishment, day-to-day life at the hostel during the 1950s and Amelia Stanich’s role as manager. Villa Fatima, at 67 Woniora Road, Hurstville, was an Italian migrant hostel for single men run by the Capuchin Franciscan Friars in Leichhardt, Sydney.