Kogarah Block Plans

Kogarah Block Plan B068

Recently added to our catalogue are a unique collection of block plans relating to the former Kogarah local government area.  The block plans were published for Kogarah Council by H E C Robinson Ltd of George Street, Sydney, and appear to be based on the 1918 Valuation Books, although we have not found confirmation of when they were commissioned – it may have been two or three years later, since several estate plans referred to date from the 1920s.  There are 106 plans, covering the four former wards of the Kogarah LGA (East, West, North and Middle).  They are at varying scales, from one chain to an inch (approximately 1:800) to three chains to one inch (1:2400).

The plans are of interest in showing lot and subdivision details, frontages and depths of lots, and in some cases details of owners of lots.  Measurements are in Imperial units – acres, roods, perches, feet and yards.

An example of one of the plans, no 68, is shown above. The block shown is to the south of Belmore Road (present day King Georges Road), near the Penshurst water reservoirs. It shows an area of West Ward corresponding to Halstead’s Estate (Deposited Plan 10726); part of Hilltop Estate; and the Belmont Estate subdivision (Deposited Plan 11194).  In one corner, the location of the mansion ‘Belmont’ is given – this beautiful heritage-listed property is now known as West Maling.  The Belmont Estate subdivided land around the mansion.  For example, a pencilled annotation on lots 12 and 13 reads “H A Elliott, These nearly complete”, giving the useful information that the owner, Mr Elliott was completing two houses on these lots, presumably present-day nos 673 and 675 King Georges Road..

Halstead’s Estate was put together by Charles Halstead, an architect and former Mayor of Kogarah, and comprised 47 residential sites.  It was offered for sale in November 1920 and formed the streets Daisy Street and Edna Street.  As yet, we don’t know who Daisy and Edna were, but it would be reasonable to infer that they were related to Charles in some way.

You can find the block plans on the catalogue by searching for ‘block plans’, or by suburb, such as ‘Penshurst block plans’, or if you are looking for a particular street, try searching the name of the street.

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